Who are we?

A warm and lively family composed of Paul, Marije, three daughters Sara, Feline, Amy and many animals.

Meet Paul Beavis

is the only man in this group of women. Born and raised in Bristol, after his training as an aircraft designer, he started to roam Europe. He eventually settled in Dordrecht at Fokker. After a number of years, he opted for a different field of work and was passionately trained as a cook. Working as a cook in Dordrecht, Indonesia and eventually in France. Since 2001 he has been working in France as a micro entrepreneur with his contractor company. He is the creative builder of Petit Paradis. Paul has a special bond with dogs, everywhere he goes you see them in his shadow. As a break from work, he likes to go sailing on his sailboat on the Etang de Thau near Sète.

If you are lucky you can join him :)

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Sara Beavis

Feline Beavis

Amy Beavis

Marije van Driem

Marije was born and raised in the east of the Netherlands and studied Business Psychology. In 2002, in search of her roots, she met Paul in the hilly countryside of the Minervois and never left.

Nothing in life is certain, except that you can share love. With the people you meet, with the animals, with nature and with yourself.

Living in Velieux, Marije has learned to live more and more in this sense. Taking care of their three lively daughters and their three horses, in contact with the people she massages, taking care of the nutrition, in contact with the locals, and most of all shaping their wonderful place Petit Paradis and taking care of its visitors.

Feline Beavis

Born March 21, 2008. A connecting happy soul, She loves to go on adventures with her peers, so you can often find her wandering around the village with friends. On her motorcycle or on horseback on her great love Hidalgo. Feline plays very good rugby, likes to work for school and keeps her room super tidy (yes!)

Sara Beavis

Born August 9, 2005. On the front lines, opening doors for her younger sisters. Speaks beautiful Dutch, but easily switches to French and English. Sara has a passion for everything that has to do with horses and especially her own horse Amskar. But also likes to be with friends and thinks and feels a lot. She is now so far that she is slowly spreading her beautiful wings in the world of adulthood.

Amy Beavis

Born on February 24, 2015. We had to wait a while for her. But it was worth it. She is a daily delight for her sisters and parents who are learning to see the world from her uninhibited point of view. Amy was born on a horseback and shares this passion with mom and her sisters. She also enjoys going to school and playing with every child that comes along on our land. With Twix, our dog, as her faithful companion.