It is in this small paradise that I accompany families, couples and even "solo" to live an "IDEAL" stay, these are people who feel the need to live a personal journey filled with discovery, physical and mental relaxation. This place is nice to improve your Global Balance, it will allow you to feel "WELL" in your daily life, without forgetting "THE ACCOMPANYING " that will help you and even your children to meet your needs, such as: being in the present moment with your children, your spouse and even yourself, to regain a family balance, to feel your emotions, to find out their goals, where they are located on your body, how to intervene with it, ...

Move, breathe, taste, laugh, sleep,...

Who am I?

Through my travels, my enriching encounters, my wounds, my love for life.

Every day, I build a simple, welcoming and sporty woman of body and mind.

By merging sport and mindfulness, I developed an enriching energy.

It allowed me to find the EQUIlibrehence the name and the creation of my company.

My method allows you to: improve your energy management, your physical condition, (Pilates suspension, Nordic walking or sports, cross training, ...) let your worries in the locker room, soothe joint injuries, tendon ..., take time for yourself Personal Development "

Marlene BALDO


TELEPHONE: +33 (0)6 20 39 15 71