Holistic Massage



This massage lifts you up and takes you to a place of total relaxation, silence and acceptance. The touch that you will receive is profound and complete. Through this your muscles can't do anything but relax and the energy can disperse itself in a way that blockades are broken down and voids will be filled up.


In a comfortable ambiance of candlelight, warmth and enchanting music your body and soul will get the space and care they deserve. Every part of your body is reconnected from head to toe and back. During 75 minutes there is no need for you to do anything but receiving. Receiving what giving hands can accomplish in your body.





The massage is given by Marije van Driem.  After completing her studies as a business psychlogist, she has followed several courses in massage. Among others in the area of Ayveda, Thai massage, Polarity, Reiki and Seiki. From there she has developed her own form of massage, fusing different kind of techniques such as skin and muscle massage, pressure point therapy, reflexology and balancing. She can visit you at home (5 euros extra) or recieve you at her studio in Velieux.


A massage of the full body of 75 minutes costs 50 euro, the massage can be adapted to your whishes


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CONTACT Marije van Driem +33 66 57 89 63 ou marijevandriem@hotmail.com